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The Travel Simulator is an open-source airline market simulator built around independent modules. Enjoy it as a whole or use a few modules, it is powerful and flexible.

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Getting Started

There are many ways to get started with the Travel Market Simulator. It comes in many flavors and this section will give you all the information you need to use, download or get the source code quiickly and easily.

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The tutorial section will give you step by step instructions and exemples on how to use all the modules. Make sure you went through the Getting Started section first to get all the required modules.

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User Manual

Now this is getting serious. You do not want to get your hands dirty but want to show off in front of your friends and the ladies by having a profound knowledge off the Travel Market Simulator?

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Just knowing and using is not enough for you? You want to get your hands dirty and know the truth? Take the red pill and a whole new world will open before you. All you have to do is click on the button below.

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The official blog. The lastest updates about the Travel Market Simulator, the world of simulation, Revenue Management or simply a rant of one our moody contributors, this where to go.

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When everything is dark and no light is on the horizon, the interactive FAQ is here to guide you. This where answers are given. Previous questions and answers are public and you can ask your own.

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